#”We celebrate ideas, beautiful things and the moment.” The summer semester (BA) 2014 at FH Joanneum included a course in which a team of 6 students found a virtual company and do real jobs for real clients. Barbara Gundl, Thomas Mirnig, Jakob Listabarth, Stefan Reinprecht, Felix Pichler and myself were the founders and employees of “Wundertüte” which means surprise bag in english.

We came up with a very broad skill set, with different focuses on various design fields, so we decided to offer Corporate- and Webdesign/Development.

The first task was to find a business strategy - target groups, finances, USP, et cetera. With designing our Coporate Identity the fun part started.

Our approach was that when you are a client of a design company, you never know what you’re gonna get, but we at Wundertüte make sure that you’ll love it. This is implied in our mission statement “We make Ideas visible”. Even if the client doesn’t know what he oder she needs, we will find it.

Stefans take on the logo featured a slightly modified version of Brandon Grotesque, which reflects the character of a suprise bag, by not showing everything at first sight. As a contrast the rest of the CI is fun and playful, with the striped pattern and the small bags for the business cards, filled with confetti.

The website is simple but kittenish, responsive, retina-ready and build on WordPress.

You can have a full look at the website here at wundertuete.at.

Thank you guys at Wundertüte for the funny and productive semester.