Workflow Yourself

In mid 2013 I were asked to join a small start-up company from Graz, which was called Teamghost at that time, to do their design related work. They told me, that they’d developed a Webapp that helps creating schedules for companies or workteams.

Pretty fast, I realised that this project had potential, but I wasn’t able to do the whole work on my own. So I decided to join forces with one of my best buddies, Stefan Reinprecht, who is an excellent allrounder and an enrichment for every team or job.

Our first challenge was to find a new name that fits the product, concept and the could represent the company as well. After a lot of different suggestions we came up with „tenato“, which stands for team-navigation-tool.

Since then, we faced a bunch of different tasks, problems and design iterations. Below you can see a few preview images of the Logo, Web- and Mobile-app. We hope to roll out tenato as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more images and information!